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Insomnia 失眠症


The term ‘insomnia’ covers a number of different problems such as inability to fall asleep easily, waking up during the night, sleeping restlessly, waking up early in the morning and dream-disturbed sleep.

The amount and quality of sleep depend on the state of the Mind. The Mind is rooted in the Heart and specifically in Heart-Blood and Heart-Yin.

Causes of Insomnia:

Excess Type

  1. Liver-Fire blazing
  2. Heart-Fire blazing
  3. Phlegm-Heat harassing the Mind
  4. Residual Heat in the Diaphragm

Deficiency Type

  1. Heart and Spleen Blood Deficiency
  2. Heart-Yin Deficiency
  3. Heart and Kidneys not harmonized
  4. Heart and Gall-Bladder Deficiency
  5. Liver-Yin Deficiency