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Facial pain 面痛


The face is the place where all the Yang channels meet; facial pain can be caused by a disturbance of one or more of these channels. Facial pain is often caused, according to TCM, by the invasion of external factors, also by flaring up of Liver-Fire, accumulation Heat in the Bright Yang Fu organs, or of Wind-Phlegm in the channels, deficiency of Qi, or stagnation of Qi and Blood. 

Signs and Symptoms:

  • Pain on one or both sides of the face

Facial pain may be attributed to any of the following disorders in Western medicine: 

  • primary or secondary trigeminal neuralgia
  • mumps
  • rhinitis
  • caries 
  • trauma 
  • post-facial operation 
  • herpes zoster and its sequelae 
  • acute facial dermatitis

Causes of Facial Pain:

  1. Invasion of External Factors
    • Invasion of Wind-Heat
    • Invasion of Toxic Heat
    • Invasion of Wind-Cold
  2. Flaring up of Liver-Fire
  3. Accumulation of Heat in the Bright Yang Channels
  4. Accumulation of Wind-Phlegm in the Channels
  5. Deficiency of Qi
  6. Stagnation of Qi and Blood