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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to The Fancy Clinic. Immediate consulting: (416) 254-3668

Why choose us?

The characteristics of the clinic – medical characteristics, harmony between man and nature, The overall concept of dialectical unity, natural therapy for the treatment of this focus on efficacy, two medical effects of acute pain treatment short course of treatment, effective fast, save time for chronic diseases, the duration of treatment varies, reduce the pain or cure, Can realize the miracle of healthy life to old age, three service characteristics, flexible time, convenient transportation, convenient and clean environment, professional and thoughtful service, not only heal your body, but also relieve psychological pain, to give you unexpected hope, peace and joy.



第一, 医疗特点: 天人合一,整体观念,辩证统一,自然疗法,治病求本,注重疗效。


1 、时间灵活,
2 、交通方便,
3 、环境整洁,
4 、服务周到,
5 、不仅医治您的身体,更能纾解心理伤痛,给您意外的希望,平安和喜乐。

Can I be cured of high blood pressure?

The good news for high blood pressure patients. Do you have high blood pressure? Is taking antihypertensive drugs, half a pill two or three, but still can not control? Do you often have head heaviness , light dizziness headache, and even cause other diseases, affect the quality of daily life, form the type of hypertension, hereditary heart-caused diabetes caused by diabetes, caused by high blood lipids caused by nerve, and so on, no matter what kind of hypertension you belong to. Don’t lose confidence, our clinic can solve your worries according to the principle of seeking medical treatment and paying attention to curative effect, from reducing the dosage of medicine to not taking western medicine, breaking the status quo of lifelong system and restoring your health. Do you want this result? Are you interested in improving your high blood pressure? Welcome to inquire.